About Us

Our Story:

We were first introduced to CBD oil when our boarder collie started having seizures. She started having seizures 4 times a day and we knew we had to act fast. After researching this product, we wanted to give it a try. Her seizures stopped immediately after her first dose of CBD Oil! My husband has always suffered with aches and pains in the morning. After using this for just a few days, he has NO pain in the morning and has never felt better! He also has quit smoking and has NO cravings for a cigarette!

About the Product:

If you do keep pace with what’s trending in medicine, you’ve likely heard all about the excitement regarding CBD oil, also referred to as cannabidiol. This miracle oil is obtained from marijuana plants, but unlike other marijuana products like THC, is not psychoactive and doesn’t bring about any of the same side effects. To date, researchers have only started to decipher all that CBD can do for our health.


Since becoming familiar with this product, I’ve heard numerous people tell me who this has helped their animals and family.

I recently heard about a man that had broken his back 15 years ago .and has lived with pain every day since. After taking our CBD oil, he felt better the first day and after the second day said he hadn’t felt this great since the injury.

We have first hand knowledge of a women that suffered from anxiety since the age of 18 with debilitating effects. She was prescribed Zantac and has two years of her life that she has little remembrance of. Now, when she feels an attack coming on, she takes 2 drops of the 500mg oil and within 20 minutes sees results.